Monday, March 23, 2009


On Saturday, I went to hear Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi talk about her quilts at the South Dallas Cultural Center. She was inspiring and her quilts were fantastic! I am so glad I went. She signed my Textural Rhythms book and gushed a bit about our genius mutual friend.

When I came home, I still had my daily art/meditation/study to do. This piece came together rather quickly and was certainly inspired by some of the compositions and techniques from Mazloomi's quilts. Of course, it was also inspired by the scripture reading for the day.

13 x 9" (#22)

Dr. Mazloomi said she really lets the fabric speak to her and tell her where it belongs. I knew I wanted to use a traditional binding technique on this piece, but I was having a lot of trouble choosing the right fabric. I decided to follow Dr. Mazloomi's lead and just pull out some pieces I would have never initially considered. This crazy floral with gold accents fought her way right to the top. She told me she belonged! She also added just the right zingy contrast to the rather spare design of the rest of the small art quilt.


Lucy said...

Deborah, the gold in the binding reminds me a bit of the gold in Icons. It's very nice work!

Unknown said...

The gold is perfect! I love how you let the fabrics pick themselves and show you what they could do! Wonderful!