Sunday, July 23, 2006

Going on Vacation...

... so I thought I needed a new bag. (Never mind what I said less than two weeks ago about not making any more tote bags and focusing art. Yeah... that didn't last.)

I whipped up this out of the fabric left over from the shower curtain I made for the kids' bathroom.

It's roomy, but not gigantic and slings nicely over a shoulder. I added that orange stripe and stamped some words like "places to go, people to see" on the stripe. Spunky.

And of course, Kristin inspired me to add this detail to the inside.

Perfect for a cell phone.

So, I'm off to Illinois and Minnesota to visit family and see the world! (I may post a bit while I'm away.)


Shelina said...

Well, you needed something to store your stuff in didn't you?

Anonymous said...

Too much fun!

Gerrie said...

Have a great trip! I'll miss ya so check in once in a while!