Friday, April 07, 2006

Numbers, Lights, Shelves

It's coming along so well.

This week we met with the builder several times including arranging for the kitchen tile to be ripped up and replaced. You don't really want to know more about that, but I'll say it's working out beautifully.

We also toured the nursery with the landscape designer. Arg. That was a bit overwhelming, but also is going to work out wonderfully, I'm confident.

And the lighting guy...

That's the foyer lantern. (Do you say foy-er? Or Foy-ay?)

We also met with the closet trim guy who was happy to put in any configuration of shelves or bars. Here's my studio closet.

Can't you just see stacks and stacks of fabric? And all my labeled Sterlite boxes? You can see there is a bar in the back. I'm not sure how efficient that will be, but it seems like a closet should have a bar, so it does.

And here is Benjamin's closet. Shelves, tall bar and two short bars.

I think it's kind of lame to post pictures of empty closets. But, I'm one of those people who could stroll the organization aisles of any department store, office supply store, hardware store. And don't even get me started about The Container Store. I know I'm not alone in this interest, so chime in if you find the closets a bit thrilling.

And speaking of Benjamin...

Peek a boo!

The floor wasn't actually wet at that time, but the sign is a bit funny, don't you think?


Joanna Stein said...

So exciting! We can't wait to come visit. You should come visit me to help stock pile that closet with fancy fabrics.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! It's coming along great!

Melody Johnson said...

I adore the look of empty shelves and white closet space. So inspiring and elegant.

Unknown said...

I love a tidy closet too! I wish we had a container store her, but for now I'll have to settle for mail order. I have a rod in my closet. I use it to hang unfinished quilt tops and backings. I must have ten quilt tops waiting to be quilted! Thanks' for sharing your pictures of your house.

Lisa said...

I too love the organization aisle. Nice to know I'm not alone. Does that mean we are super organized, hmmm... not me! The house is coming along GREAT! The kids must love seeing the whole process!

Gerrie said...

I went to the Container Store here and nearly fainted. Steve had to drag me out. They sent us a certificate for 15% ooff everything we buy for six weeks!!! My studio is getting new storage.

Love your closets - yes, I love closets!!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

1. Foy-ay.

2. I just about went into withdrawal when we left DC and the Container Store....eeek!

3. So I did container store catalog.

4. They have an annual Elfa sale beginning in December just before Christmas and lasts a month...did our house closets in Friday Harbor (the last house) with Elfa...we didn't have fancy built-ins like yours..... did it again here....

5. They have that nice shelving on sale --forget the brand-- on sale once a year too...July I think?

6. The closet a quilt storage rack for back here... and you can prop a roll of batting in the corner (or bags of it on the upper shelf).

Make a doo-hickie like they have to display rolls of home dec fabric...easy to make. Take two 1x4s. Buy a paddle drill bit the size of doweling...probably closet-rod diameter (1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inch?). Clamp both boards together. Every 8-12 inches, drill holes down the length of the board. On one board, use a jigsaw to cut a slot angling up from the hole. Screw one board to the wall at one end of the rod about 6 inches from the back wall, the other at the other end. Cut rods to fit.

Send me kleenex because I will cry, because this is the storage system I have always wanted.

7. See item 4. Buy elfa storage carts (definitely on wheels) to place in front of quilt storage...can be rolled out of the way when needed. Can be rolled INTO the studio when need to haul stuff when you can roll it!

Sigh...don't get me started. Ooops...guess you did LOL!

Brooke said...

I love to look at empty shelves, especially ones I know will house fabric and art supplies. Yum-de-yum!