Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This and That

I don't have much to say. How's that for an enticing beginning of a post? But I did dig through our pictures and remember that I hadn't posted about our trip to the Fort Worth Zoo.

This is what happens when everyone is spending more effort trying to get Benjamin to look at the camera and smile rather than just smiling for the camera themselves and letting the photographer snap at the right moment. Every family of a four year old knows about this experience.

I guess the rhino was cooperating.

The flamingo was also agreeable.

Ready for take off.

It was a fun trip. A great zoo. We'll be back!

Have you read the article by Anne Lamott in the latest issue of Oprah magazine? Love love love Anne Lamott. This article is about aging and beauty. It's honest, insightful, clever and laugh-out-loud funny. If you're not familiar with Lamott, start with this article, then move on to Traveling Mercies and Plan B. (Steer away from the novels.)

I know I know I know several of you have said you'd like to see more pictures of the house. It's coming along really well. We are getting so eager and excited. But there is just not much exciting to share at the moment. (just lighting fixtures hanging in empty rooms) When the landscaping goes in, I'll show you how it looks.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Anne Lamott....I especially liked Traveling Mercies. (Is that the one with essays on motherhood?) I still remember her quoting her son when he was upset with her, "I wish I had gotten a mother that LIKED kids...". Every mother knows days like this.....

Thanks for the heads up about the Oprah article.....Jane

Gerrie said...

I love Ann Lamott; I almost bought that issue at the airport, now am regretting that I didn't!

Diane Doran said...

I love the Fort Worth zoo! We'll probably be going there next week when we visit my sister in law. Any new baby animals?

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Heyza you! It's good to see you and the kids! Tell Benjamin we not only missed you, but we missed HIM at the last Frayed Edges meeting! And at least it was cool enough for you to wear long sleeves to the zoo.......

Would you like to know that it snowed in Maine yesterday LOL! We w*on't be wearing shorts (except for Kathy) or swimsuits for a while......hugs, Sarah