Monday, January 23, 2006

More Birthday Gifts

I had the most delightful day on Saturday. Art Quilts Maine had a "sit and sew" and it was so fun to spend a whole day sewing, chatting with friends and snacking. Another friend and I worked on Madison bags from Amy Butler's pattern. More on that later. It's almost done. Just have to add the closure.

Then the Frayed Edges went to Starbucks for some decadent coffee, laughing, sharing and gift giving. I have the most creative, thoughtful and generous friends. I am truly blessed. Their gifts are wonderful, but knowing them is the real gift.

Sarah gave me her favorite Maine gift. From some one who has traveled all over and moved often (as I have), she understands how special it is to have specific things that are reminders of a certain time and a certain place.

It's a beautifully designed loon mug especially for chowdah -- or maybe chili, since I'll be taking it to Texas with me. I just love the charming and sophisticated style. A treasure!

Kathy made me this wonderful guardian angel! I think I'll need a guardian angel as I begin this new part of my life. She's perfect!

Her wings are angelina, ribbon hair, a fancy beaded hat, beautifully sculpted wire hands and pockets of goodies everywhere.

Here's a close up of a couple of the pockets including a wonderful quote. There are fabric beads in one pocket and a tiny envelope filled with stars in another. Who doesn't need a pocket full of stars?!

Kathy just started a blog. Yeah! And if you think this angel is superfantastic, and I know you do, just wait until you she what else she creates.

Kate gave me charming little wall hanging. She knows my fascination with keys and hit the jackpot at a recent trip to the dump. Seriously, her town is known far and wide for having a great dump.

I love the sentiment too. It's similar to the page I made for Kate's round robin book. Kate's got a great eye and I love the combo of the fabric, the angelina and all the embellishments. Kate has the most amazing set of rubber letter stamps. Would you believe me if I said they also came from the dump?! They didn't. But she did find them at a flea market.

I'm really going to miss them. But knowing the great joy and inspiration we've shared, I'm eager to find other women with whom I can share my life and art when we move. And I'm completely confident our paths will cross again...


Unknown said...

it is so hard to leave your art quilting group behind when moving. These people that you share your art and life with become your dearest friends. Even though i email almost daily with my firends in texas there are those times i wish i could just get together with them in person. now we just cherish every minute when we meet in houston for festival. my good friend Julie i told you about is the one who started the twisted stitchers when she moved to Dallas from Austin. they meet at the quilt store in your new home town. They are a wonderful group. You will be in good hands.
Happy birthday!

Brooke said...

Hi Deborah, my sister told me to go look at your blog at the doll you were given for your birthday, and i was so pleased that I actually knew who the blogger was. Or, have had comments on my blog from you, you know. I haven't actually met you...but I love the doll, of course.
So you are moving to Texas? Keep me posted, this moving theme is one I'm familiar with. And happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

I've said this before, but it is worth repeating - that is one neat group of friends you have in Maine. Let's hope that there is a group like that in our new places! Love the loon mug.

Jen said...

What treasures, and what wonderful friends. My wish for you is that you find another group to laugh with, find support with, and create with. An ever expanding circle. Jen

Lauri said...

Oh my gosh, I love the doll!!! Beautiful, charming...perfect!

Gina Halladay said...

Hey Amy Butler Fans! Amy is the guest blogger on my site and there is a sneak peak of her new line “Belle”. If you want to check it out see Thanks Gina