Monday, August 26, 2019

Personal Symbols for Art Quilts Workshop at Craft Napa

I'm super excited to be teaching one of my favorite workshops at Craft Napa! It's Personal Symbols for Art Quilt Collage on Thursday, January 16, 2020. (Register here!)

We create small art quilt collages and mount them on mat board so they are ready to frame.

Check out these amazing students from some past workshops who literally left with finished pieces of original art.

I provide a kit of fabrics that are carefully curated so every student has a great selection to work with. Plus, the fabric is all pre-fused so everyone gets straight to creating rather than fussing with applying fusible. I always offer a few different kits so everyone finds something inspiring.

We work on a series of six small art quilt collages in the workshop. Here is my workshop sample series.

Here are some AMAZING in-progress series from students in past workshops.

Each so unique and original! That's what I try to make possible in my workshops. I offer a framework and set of step-by-step instructions, but there is opportunity for each student to make their own creative decisions along the way.

We talk about how personal symbols can inform the creative process. It's interesting to think about what that can mean to the artist -- and to the viewer. My own set of personal symbols are just simple shapes.

Some people don't find the idea of personal symbols particularly inspiring. No problem. Lots of students just work with interesting shapes that they like -- hearts, leaves, tea cups, or abstract designs like swirls or arrows.

Here's one of my original art quilt collages framed and hanging in our entry way. (Cheap Ikea frame!)

Curious about that fractured landscape? You can see more about that here.

Still want to know a bit more about the Personal Symbols for Art Quilts workshops? Here I am chatting about it.

Want to join me for this workshop at Craft Napa? I'd love to see you. Register here.

Another amazing thing about Craft Napa? Afternoon coffee and treats. So delightful.

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