Sunday, January 08, 2017

Amy Suggested a Doodle

I've been catching on some articles, blog posts and essays I've been meaning to read. I found myself completed entranced by Amy Meissner's blog. I'd read bits and pieces before, but I clicked back through her archives to read about some of her earlier work. She's a beautiful writer: authentic, honest, raw, eloquent and witty. She expresses feelings that are very personal and yet universal in many ways, I think. You could just read through the entire archives and add it the your list of memoirs you've read. It's certainly as good as some books I've read, plus... it has pictures!

And her art is stunning too.

I met Amy at the SAQA conference in Philadelphia last spring. We had a few opportunities to connect and she was wonderful to talk with. Several groups signed up for restaurant outings one night and we both chose Indian. Now I think of her every time I eat naan. That's Amy in the red coat.

One of the things we talked about in Philadephia was my upcoming book release. Amy is a former children's book illustrator and has lots of experience signing books. She encouraged me to plan to draw some simple little doodle with my signature. She said this gives you a little more time to connect with the person who is buying your book and you can both enjoy the moment more than a random scribbled signature.

What excellent advice! This is what I came up with.

I will tell you I agonized over whether I should "sign" my name in those blocky capital letters or if I should use a more expected cursive signature. Cindy told me to do what felt natural, so this is it. I only "sign" checks and legal documents. Otherwise... it looks like the picture. (You can get a signed copy with the doodle in my Etsy shop.)

I even bought a special pack of retractable Sharpies for signings!

Amy was right, people really do get a kick out of my doodled leafy sprout, even as simple as it is.

So, thank you Amy... for your wonderful blog, your beautiful artwork and your book signing advice!

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