Friday, August 12, 2016

Texas Hill Country

We've been traveling a bunch this summer including a great trip right here in Texas.

We took a road trip to the "hill country."

We started with a stop at Colorado Bend State Park.

We've all got our summer hiking shoes -- Keen sandals!

I really wanted to hike to Gorman Falls. And it did not disappoint.

It was hot and the hike was pretty rugged.

A rest was needed.

Driving further south and west, we made a stop at Dairy Queen where we discovered they have discontinued the Snickers Blizzard. We made due with Reeses and cookie and dough, but why would they do that?!

We also had a fun time watching these odd ducks and geese in the parking lot.

Our next stop was Enchanted Rock. Another hike I'd read about and really wanted to do. It's a giant pluton batholith. Basically a huge mass of granite pushing out of the earth.

Just rock and sun. I think that's Claire at the top.

These pictures make it look somewhat deserted, but actually there were several hikers, school camp groups, people of all ages.

This is the back side of the rock. We hiked to the top, then criss-crossed our way down, then all around the base. It reminded me a little of Devil's Tower.

We stayed in Marble Fall where we had to have pie at the Blue Bonnet Cafe.

We also visited a Texas home and garden decor shop. Where I did not buy this stuffed squirrel who just caught a fish.

Our last stop was Longhorn Caverns. We love cave tours. Honestly, the best part of this one was the excellent video about the Civilian Conservation Corps which built most of the buildings around the caves. Plus prepared the caves themselves for tours. Isn't this a fabulous old stone lodge?

The entrance to the caves is wonderful too.

As we made our way back home, we stopped at an amazing BBQ place.

We got to meet Robert and Penny. They were charming. Robert prepares the meat and Penny makes all the desserts. Both were delicious!

Texas is so big and there is still so much to see and do, but this was a great trip.

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Jeanne Marklin said...

Looks like a fun trip. Being in the caves must have been cool after the heat. The food all sounds great!