Sunday, July 17, 2016

Liberating Composition... an article in Quilting Arts magazine

I'm in the newest issue of Quilting Arts magazine!

My article is titled...

I created four quilts using the same composition. Here are two of them hanging in my living room.

I am especially thrilled that they included my little thumbnail sketches. You can see them on the bottom of these pages.

I think it helps explain my process. Plus, I always love looking at sketches. I hope others do too.

I also love looking at in progress shots. Those weren't appropriate for this article, but I can share some sneak peeks with you here.

You can easily see the similarities in composition here, right? It's the stitching and details that make them unique.

Have you read the article? I'd love to know what resonated with you. And I'd LOVE to see a collection of quilts using this idea!

You may remember in early May that Quilting Arts had a survey asking readers to pick their favorite cover. I was thrilled to be included, but ultimately not surprised that they picked the birds. They are beautiful and unique! I think realistic imagery probably sells better --- and that's what the cover is all about.

I'll just have to keep submitting work and hope to be a cover girl someday!

It is especially delightful to be in an issue with so many other artists who I am honored to call my friends including Susie Monday who's back page column is profound and beautiful. Susan Brusker Knapp shares several awesome free motion quilting motifs. Frances Holliday Alford has a great system for sewing on the go. And Lorie McCown sings the praises of hand stitching -- I'm singing along with her, you know!

Did you notice my new book is mentioned in my bio?! I still can hardly believe I wrote a book.


Margaret said...

that was a great article, thanks for sharing it with us.

Laura McGrath said...

I subscribed for years to QA, but let my subscription expired, so thanks for sharing.

Laura McGrath said...
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Unknown said...

I loved your article and am very much looking forward to getting your book as soon as Amazon can get it to me (as you know I pre-ordered it!)!
You'll be a cover girl/artist one day. Keep making great quilts!

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

It's wonderful, and I enjoyed your in-process shots above too! Hope to see you in Houston!