Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Out and About

Claire and Benjamin and I had a fun weekend!

Benjamin and I went out for lunch at a new fancy restaurant I've been wanting to try, The Theodore. I started with a lovely latte. With a sugar cube!

Amazing sweet little donuts.

Eggs Florentine... on a plate with a bison.

Need some salt and pepper?

It was super fun to eat and chat with this amazing person.

The decor and atmosphere of the place was clever. Abraham Lincoln was peeking out at us from a secret room behind a bookcase.

We got close up with Lincoln after our meal. Washington too... over on the right.

Protect the Parmesan!

And Claire went to Prom on Saturday!

She went with a group of beautiful friends.

They went to the Dallas Museum of Art for more group pictures. I love this stunning image against the beautiful DMA mosaic.

A mother-daughter selfie.

And so it's not just about the kids...

My quilt, Rising and Setting is published in Machine Quilting Unlimited! It's part of a lovely article about quilts in the Matter of Time textile exhibition organized by Brenda Gael Smith. It's always such a thrill to be published. (Hey it's fun to be next to my long-time art quilter friend Sarah Ann Smith.)

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Patricia L Walters said...

Enjoyed the photos! What ages are your son and daughter?