Saturday, August 01, 2015

Printed Fabric Bee Reveal: Insects!

Jane Davila was the "queen bee" this month. She chose insects as her theme. Her color palette request was "artist's choice" with a touch of black. 

I printed fabric for this theme at the printing making workshop I attended in May. 

I began with this sketch. 

I used the printing technique known as "drypoint." I placed a sheet of plexi over my drawing and used a metal tool to scratch the design into the plexi.

Then I used this rolled up paper towel to work the ink into the grooves.

Then I wiped off the paint from the surface.

I put the fabric on top of the plexi and ran it through the table top press we had for the workshop. Ta Da! This is the 6x6 inch piece of fabric which will be included in our monthly Printed Bee give-away.

This is a pretty decent detail. I like the lines I added to the wings. That added some much needed depth or at least a darker area.

Jane requested a 12x12 piece of fabric. I was able to print my plate four times on this piece of fabric.

I was excited when I found this piece of hand dyed fabric in my stash. I had the 12x12 piece and an additional piece that could be used for the 6x6. It made me think of the amazingly bright colors sometimes seen on beetles or the irredescent wings of a dragonfly.

But, I think the fabric fights with the image. The drypoint lines are just too thin and subtle to compete with the mottled fabric is strong orange and purple.

As I do with all my process posts for The Printed Fabric Bee, here's what I thought was successful and less than successful.

  • The grid design with the four different insect sketches.
  • The striped areas of the fly's wings, ant's body and beetle's head.
  • Brightly colored fabric.
  • Trying something new!

Less Than Successful:
  • Images are too faint and weak.
  • The butterfly really doesn't match the other insects. He lacks finesse of any kind.
  • I wasn't able to get very precise lines with the drypoint technique. It feels jagged and lacks control.
  • Edges of the plate made severe creases in the fabric.
Remember, you can win a collection of all the insect fabrics from the artists of The Printed Fabric Bee. Comment on Jane's blog or on the Printed Fabric Bee blog. Jane will draw on winner on August 15.


Misty said...

I feel like it's a great start, but needs more depth or color. Derwent ink pencils could be awesome! Or fabric markers.

Lynda said...

Deborah, Really an interesting! That's a technique I've never seen.

addirigib said...

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Relishing Life said...

Your printing on fabric is such a great thing! And the bug subject is interesting because of all of the different types of bugs. My favorite: the bee.