Monday, July 06, 2015

Texas Rainbow

When I spotted this stunning rainbow while driving last week, I gasped. It was so big and full and bright!

I actually pulled over into a parking lot and took a few pictures. In the picture above, I love how the sky is darker above the rainbow.

I posted that picture on Instagram and someone commented that it looked like my signature arch stitching that I include in many of my art quilts. Another gasp! Honestly, I hadn't even made the connection. Isn't that funny? 

I took this panoramic shot just a few seconds later, but the light had changed and the clouds had moved, so the center of the rainbow disappeared a bit. Still stunning.

Texas gives us some beautiful skies.

You can follow me on IG, you know? In fact, during the month of July, I'm doing a special challenge with my mom's church. There is a word for each day in July and we post images inspired by that word. It's a fun way to look at the world and connect with others.

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Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

That's a fantastic rainbow! and isn't it funny how we don't see our own connections sometimes....