Friday, July 10, 2015

Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens

We had a busy, fun visit with family in St. Louis last week. As I downloaded my pictures, I realized I didn't really take too many. But I did take lots at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. 

We went for the lantern festival. There were at least 40 different sculpture/lanterns throughout the gardens. Amazing.

This elephant fountain was made from Chinese dishes. Can you tell?

I took lots of close ups of beautiful shapes and textures.

I really love water plants.


I insisted Claire, Ben and their cousins imitate the sculpture at the end of the pond. They cooperated!

Here's Ellie doing a near perfect imitation.

Zach and Ellie match the lantern!

One installation was giant "dandelions" made from water bottles.

In the day light...

After sunset...

Of course, there were lanterns at the lantern festival.

It was really a beautiful event, made even more special by sharing it with family. I sure wish we lived closer.

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liniecat said...

WoW that looks great fun to see! love the dandelions, such a clever idea