Thursday, January 29, 2015

Museum Outing

A group of arty friends and I had a fantastic museum outing last week. First stop was the Crow Museum for the Japanese Fashion exhibit.

Isn't this texture fabulous? Some of the pieces were so structural, I really wanted to see how they would look on a real person moving about in real life.

This jacket had two sleeves... or rather four sleeves, two on each side.

After the Crow, we walked across the street to the Nasher for a delicious lunch in their cafe. I had the best squash soup. Then we walked through the sculpture garden where I snapped this simple leaf.

I really wanted to see the Staff Art Show at the Dallas Museum or Art, so we walked down the block for that. Yes, there are three world-class museums within walking distance of each other in the beautiful Dallas Arts District and two of them are free!

Inside Job is an exhibit of art in many different media made by people who work at the DMA. The labels included a snapshot of the artist, their job title, how long they'd worked at the museum, plus the title of their artwork. It was so awesome. We all loved it. 

My favorite were these piece by Doug McLeod. They are digital prints on paper. I think they are great from far away and entrancing from close up.

They were framed on thick cardboard. Perfection. I'm not sure about those titles.

Speaking of titles, we loved Rosemary's titles! Who says titles need to be short? Or formal?

Here are the works that go with those great titles.

There is a stunning new acquisition in the Center for Creative Connections at the DMA. It's called Starry Crown by John Thomas Biggers.

I'm eager to visit this piece again. The references to quilt blocks drew me in.

I leave you with this sweet moment caught in the sketching gallery at the museum.


Kristin L said...

What a fabulous outing. It all looks so enticing. I can't believe that guy wrote those words instead of drawing his friend -- that's the stuff of romantic movies, not real life! So sweet!

Unknown said...

I don't believe in outing people. It's up to the individual, but there's nothing wrong putting the pressure on. See the link below for more info.