Friday, January 09, 2015

Auction Project Update

I am having so much fun interpreting the first grader's sketches for the auction project. (I explained this unique project here.)

Remember, I'll be making 12 pieces for the class. Four will be contemporary crosses, four houses and four flowers. 

Here are two of the cross pieces. I'm choosing fabrics inspired by the kids' construction paper choices.

I loved this composition with the three green and one yellow block.
I later remade this one in different greens and a brighter yellow. I like these fabrics, but they are kind of drab for art inspired by kids. You know?

Here is the beginning of one of the houses. (Claire says this looks like a snowman who grew legs and laid an egg.)

I call this one the elf house and I love it! When I was picking which sketches to use for each mini-collection and from what students, I knew this one had to be included in the house collection. Look at the teeny tiny door!

I free motion quilted the lines of the sketch.

Here's the house collection in progress. You can see I chose the same background for all of them so they work together.

You may be able to see that I added a few hand embroidered Y stitches, but I'm not sure they'll be staying. I want to add my own spin on these small works, since that's sorta what they've hired me to do. But I also want to stay true to the kids' drawings. When doing a commission, it's always really hard to balance my vision with what I think the person wants.

I've purchased the 6x6 stretched canvases on which these pieces will be mounted.

I love this bowl with flowers. (It may have been a pond with flowers next to it, but I've taken some creative license.)

This is my favorite of the flowers. This is another one, I set in the "must include" pile when I was selecting the sketches.
Do you think maybe the student was actually scribbling over the section on the right because he didn't like the shape he'd drawn? Maybe, but that's what makes it wonderful. I'll be hand stitching the petals for this one.

This project will be completed within the next couple of weeks. Next up: hand embroidery and free motion quilting on all these small treasures!

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