Thursday, January 15, 2015

Auction Project Coming Along

The auction pieces are all done and ready to be mounted. Yeah! Here are the four house pieces. I added just a bit of green grass stitches with perle cotton and little orange flowers on the two with the white houses.

Here are the sketches for each of these houses. How awesome is the stairway seen through the window of the red house?!

Here are the four "cross" pieces shown side by side with the first grade designs. You may be able to see a bit of the hand embroidery I added to each one.

And here are the flowers. I think it worked well to create matching backgrounds to make them all cohesive. I added arched stitching over the top... as I do in many of my fabric collages.

I've started painting the canvases. The crosses will be mounted on black.

I use tacky glue and spread it out with an old hotel key. (Not a really old hotel key, which would be an actual key, but a "key" of the plastic card type.)

This has been such a delightful project. I'm eager to wrap it up and share the finished works with YOU and with the first grade class.


Terry Grant said...

These are utterly charming! I ca n imagine parents and grandparents buying theses like crazy.

Deborah said...

I just love everything about this project!! Not least of which is the teacher's decision to actually pay you for your work, rather than requesting a donation for their fundraiser. (asking artists for donations is so common...) Here's a question...please feel free to decline to answer if the answer is too complicated. Are you able to explain your mounting on canvas process...looks pretty straightforward, but I can be pretty dense...Thanks!