Saturday, November 29, 2014

Family Cruise!

We've just returned from a super fun cruise! Way way way back summer before last, my parents wanted to plan a trip to celebrate their 50th anniversary. We picked a time that worked for everyone and found a cruise that looked super fun. Sadly, my dad passed away just weeks before their actual 50th anniversary. 

But, we still have so much to celebrate and he would have wanted us to cherish time together. We did.

Beautiful sunset from our cabin's balcony.

We took a five day cruise out of Galveston.

At our port call in Cozumel, we visited Chankanaab National Park,

where we watched through lovely botanical gardens and visited a replica Mayan hut where this amazing woman served us the best tortillas I have ever had.

The lunch buffet included green and purple jello.

Quintessential cruise towel creature.

At our port call in Progresso, we took a small tour that included a stop in Muna where I took this snapshot.

We walked through the local church.

I'll never complain about uncomfortable pews again.

Past Muna, we made our way to Uxmal one of the best preserved and restored Mayan cities in the world.

At Uxmal, tourists can still climb the pyramid.

Does this photo give you a sense of how steep it was?

This view was worth the entire trip. Astounding.

After Uxmal, we drove through the countryside and through a small village to visit a completely "off the beaten track" cenote.

A cenote is a spring-fed, under ground swimming hole. Here's the entrance. A bit foreboding?

 Once our eyes adjusted, we came upon this stunning clear, calm, beautiful pool.

Really, it was the coolest thing ever. I didn't even mind the bats flying around. Well, not too much.

Here's a shot looking back up the stairs through the entrance hole.

I loved hanging out with my nephew Kristofer.

Benjamin was thrilled that we all agreed to play Monoploy in the ship's library.

There were many more fun times that can't be captured in pictures. I am so very thankful for my family and for my dad's vision and dedication to making special times together.


EmandaJ said...

I am sure your dad was there with you at every port and every step of the way. Wonderful memories and a perfect way to honor him and to celebrate what would have been your parents' 50th. hugs!

Gerrie said...

I wondered if the cruise would still happen. So glad it did and that you enjoyed this special time with your family. Looks like some wonderful side trips.