Monday, October 06, 2014

This and That

We recently visited the Perot Science Museum where they have a new "lab" where you can make rockets... as I did here.
I put lots of fins on my rocket. It's like a flouncy skirt.

You can also make cars and run them down a ramp which measures their speed.  Jeff and Claire loved this and made many many many adjustments to get the best time.

You can also play with this awesome giant light board. Each block can be moved and adjusted to light up in different colors. Late in the afternoon when the lab was mostly unoccupied, Claire placed all the cubes to write "geronimo!!!"

Here's Lincoln in the corner of the dining room rug.

I had the delightful opportunity so display some of my artwork at our local taekwondo studio along with mixed media artist Marcie Dodd. It was an "art and wine walk" in the small business village of our subdivision. Super fun.

SAQA sent me a copy of the Celebrating Silver exhibit catalog as a thank you for my various volunteer projects. So much appreciated! And such an amazing collection of art quilts.

I got crafty last week and made this iPad stand using this tutorial. It's getting good use already.

Claire had her first marching band competition of the season yesterday. Their band made the finals and here are all ten finals bands streaming into the stadium for the awards ceremony.

Here they are all in formation with the drum majors and color guard leaders from each band in an arch at the front. Claire's band is on the right in the blue and black uniforms with the color guard in white dresses at the front.

Claire's band WON!!! Yeah Hebron High School Band! After they announce the winners, the bands all "break ranks" and wander around the field with each other.

I'll be sharing some new art work this week too. Stay tuned!

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