Monday, September 08, 2014

Hiking at Arbor Hills

We have a great nature preserve with lots of trails just down the road from our home. Almost every summer, we make a special trip... but not to hike the trails... we hike right through the stream. 

On the way to the spot where we enter the water, we happened upon this clump of... can you guess?

Daddy long legs. Kind of creepy, right? But also interesting.

We love Keen sandals. Perfect for hiking through the water.

Beautiful overhead view. Even though it was in the high 90s the day we hiked, it was shady and cool down in the water.


Dipping... at the deepest, the water is maybe a foot deep.

Claire is slow and exploratory on the hike. Benjamin is busy and active.

This dragonfly looks like she may have seen better days. One wing had a big chunk missing and she had a gray haze all over her body.

Behind us you can see the bridge that crosses the stream. This is where we exited. I think this same stream actually flows through our neighborhood... some seven miles down the way. It might be fun to keep going past the bridge.

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Vivien Zepf said...

We often search out watering holes when we decide where to hike. ... Looks like fun!