Thursday, August 21, 2014

This and That

Just a few snapshots...

Our neighborhood backs up to a ranch that has cows, horses, llamas and lots of geese. I was driving past one day and spotted one of the llamas in the pond! Can you see him? It's hot in Texas! I don't blame him.

Another interesting animal spotted right in our back yard!

And this precious little creature. We had our annual art swap at Dallas Area Fiber Artists last month and I received this beautiful needle felted teddy bear!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that Claire and Benjamin recently earned their black belts in taekwondo. One of the things they regularly work on is breaking boards. We went to Home Depot recently to restock their supplies. Claire breaks 11 inch boards and Benjamin breaks 9 inch boards.

Maybe next time I show you a picture of the big stack of broken boards we have in the garage. What to do with them?!

Check out the community garden plots in our neighborhood. I love walking through this beautiful little oasis just down the street from our house.

One of Claire's teachers's is building a "little free library" for their high school. I donated a bunch of books.
These are all from the Goodwill where paperbacks are only 69 cents! I chose only books that I've read and really enjoyed and I thought highschoolers might enjoy. What a bargain!

I've been to two nice restaurants lately where the sinks in the restrooms were filled with ice. Odd, right?

Hello from Lincoln!


Joanne S said...

this was a fun post. Sort of like a visit with you!!!!!
I think the book folding looked quite "tedious" but the end result was very interesting.

the area around your house looks very interesting. The farm, the water and the community gardens. My walking buddy volunteers at the Brunswick community gardens --the veg goes to the food bank--and I am thinking I might volunteer next season. You get a free plot in exchange for 2 hours of work in the community gardens--mostly weeding. It's off Baribeau.

Hardly seems like we had summer this year--mostly in the 70's and 50's at night. Delightful sleeping weather but no meals on the Seadog deck unless you wear a jacket or sweater.

Rachel Parris said...

I loved this post for several reasons. Mostly, I love little glimpses into my friends' daily lives and environments. It makes me feel closer somehow, better connected. Also, I had read and enjoyed every book in your stack except two. That was fun to see. All the wood blocks blow my mind. Anyway thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it.