Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dallas Art District Outing

We had a super fun time Friday night! Benjamin was off at taekwondo camp, so Jeff, Claire and I ventured out to a restaurant in the Arts District that I've been wanting to try. Tei-An is always on the "best of Dallas" lists. It was great! The ramen is the house specialty, but I think I'd order more of the other small plates next time. Especially the white seaweed salad. (!!!) There is a classy rooftop patio that Claire and I explored after the meal.

Then we ventured to the Dallas Museum of Art for their Late Nights event that happens every third Friday. The Museum was full of activities and people! It's so exciting to see all kinds of people of all different ages and backgrounds, in groups, in pairs, in families crawling all over our beautiful museum.

There are tons of activities through the night, including this project in the Center for Creative Connections.

An image of a painting from the museum was printed out, cut into squares and then the squares were distributed to be recreated by museum guests. Then the painted squares were reassembled on the big bulletin board in the studio. Above: the state of the project when we came into the studio.

Here's Claire working on her square.

Here's my finished square and the small image I had to copy.

Here's the painting almost finished when we left.

 And here is the original hanging in the gallery. Such a super cool project!

Then we went on to the main event of the evening... a murder mystery game. Here's the outline of the body found in the China Gallery.

This huge event included actors placed all through the museum, dressed as various works of art, acting as suspects in the murder. We (and hundreds of other museum goers) explored the museum, met and interrogated the suspects and examined potential murder weapons, which were actual museum artifacts in cases in galleries throughout the whole museum. We were able to determine the location of the murder and the proper suspect, but we couldn't quite identify the proper weapon. But, it was so fun!

What a great way to get people deeply engaged in exploring the museum.

It was a beautiful night.

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Kristin L said...

Wow, what fun ways to interact with your museum and it's art. Not stodgy art history stuff at all!