Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Five Projects: Update

I've been working diligently! I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote an update.

Tall Tree/Tall Me
Here's the palette I'm working with.
I keep a pretty small stash -- and small pieces within the stash. Because the required size of this quilt is pretty big, I really didn't have just the right fabric that was large enough for a few sections. So, I went shopping.

This quilt is due May 1. Timing is a bit tight.

I finished the hand stitching and fused the backing on. Then it was time for machine quilting. I decided to stitch some words to help fill out the concept of the quilt. It will say "Decay of Carbon 14" above the graph. The location of the tree, Dalarna Sweden will be stitched on the right and the name of the tree, Old Tjikko, will be stitched on the left.
I printed the words from my computer, traced them onto tracing paper then pinned them in their proper locations.

Next I needed to choose thread color. Here are the colors I considered.

I decided I wanted something subtle, so I chose the light blue. Ug. Too light. I ripped out the "e" and the "n."

Then I went entirely the other way with the dark dark navy. Ug. Too dark. Ripped out the "d."

Then I found the "Goldilocks-just-right" color, the royal blue. Why didn't I choose it to begin with? I've stitched all the letters now and I'm consumed with burying threads and knots.

Coming Up Roses
Still off the table

Tactile Architecture
Entry submitted! It's called Neighborhood.

Festival of Quilt Art
I really should make some sketches. (Though sketching doesn't always work for me. I do have a vision in my head, I'm not always good at getting it on paper.) I'm getting a bit concerned about the time line for this one.


Charlotte Scott said...

I've been following along with your updates with interest. I like how you've laid it all out, so today I sat down with all my want-to-make deadlines and made a plan.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

I also wanted to do roses and am going to run out of time.....