Saturday, December 28, 2013

Innovative Gingerbread Houses!

Claire and Benjamin made the most awesome "gingerbread houses" this year. I just buy the kit from Michaels, as I have for years, and they turn it into some crazy! 

Here's Benjamin's creation. He had to saw through several of the pre-cut gingerbread pieces to made his three-story tower. 

Several years ago I began using hot glue to actually hold the pieces together rather than waiting for the icing to harden. That's the best tip ever for making the project fun.

Claire used the left over pieces from Benjamin's house to add wings to her creation.

So wacky! Flying, Christmas, monster house? With the licorice tongue? I'm delighted to have it on my mantal!

Christmas certainly does change as the kids get older, right?

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Jane LaFazio said...

Wht a great idea. No fuss, and all the creativity remains.