Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Quilts at Houston Quilt Fest

There is just so much to see! It's over whelming and inspiring at the same time.

There's my Haze and Hope in the Tactile Architecture exhibit.

Really, nothing thrills me more than being a part of an inspiring, cohesive, diverse collection of art quilts like those in Tactile Architecture.

I was also thrilled to be included in the Dinner at Eight special exhibit "Exquisite Moment."

While I was roaming through the exhibit, I ran into Susan Fletcher King and her crane!

And Cheryl Sleboda and her ignition switch!

Everyone loved the super innovative and fun exhibit "What's for Dinner" also curated by Dinner at Eight artists, Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison.

Each quilt in the exhibit was the size of a place mat and included some kind of place setting or interpretation of a place setting. The quilts were displayed on a table and there were crowds around the exhibit almost every time I walked past. Like this.

Here's my quilt, Tabletop Horizons.
Can you see the 3D octopus and sushi place setting in the upper right corner? It was fabulous. In fact, there were lots of 3D quilts in this exhibit.

Here's my friend Susan Callahan's quilt.

I think people really loved seeing art quilts displayed in an innovative way. Refreshing and fun!

Just a few quilts that caught my eye. I didn't really take that many pictures.

This is Cutting Down the Tall Poppies by Helen Godden in the Festival Gallery of Quilt Art special exhibit.

Just another beautiful floral quilt? Nope... it's an exploration of Tall Poppy Syndrome or "cutting down the tall poppies" meaning when people of genuine merit are criticized, cut down or resented.

I loved Evening Stroll by Pat DaRif.

 Here's a close up of the dramatic screen printing and digital imagery.

This is Log Cabin vs Skyscraper by Cecilia Gonzalez Desedamas of Spain from the Tactile Architecture exhibit.

 There are actual pieces of wood encased in fabric in the bottom section.

This is a detail of Cynthia St Charles piece Winter Walk II from the Exquisite Moment exhibit. It is wondrously full of layers of paint, paper, cloth and stitching!

Another detail from Exquisite Moment, this is Stitching, Interrupted by Pamela Price Klebaum. I am really intrigued by the tiny stitches she has used to anchor the longer stitches. I adore handwork!

Another detail from Exquisite moment, this is Susie Monday's One, All One. I just love this figure cut from the big leafy printed fabric.

This caught my eye. It's titled First Grade by Jill Isakson. She lives in McKinney. That's close by. Maybe our paths will cross. I love chairs and I think the busy, pieced background is especially wonderful here!

Beautiful prints by Sue Dennis in a detail of her In The Moonlight - Triptych.

I loved this narrative quilt from the Tactile Architecture exhibit. I don't always take the time to read words when they are included in art quilts, but this was a pretty compelling story. Apparently, the quilter, Judith Glover, took the photos and shared them with her friend, Edward Schuldt, who created a story inspired by the images. This is just a detail.

I'm so happy I went!


marsha said...

Thanks for posting all the fabulous quilt pictures. I am always amazed at the incredible variety in styles and techniques and the great talent of everyone.

Jill Isakson Quilts said...

Deb - I am so happy you like my quilt, First Grade!

Judith Glover said...

These are great comments and observations about the work at Houston. Thanks for including the quilt, Lydia, by Edward Schuldt and me. It was originally part of a collaborative exhibition called Narrative Threads at the Page-Walker in Cary, NC.