Monday, September 16, 2013

Blog Renew: 8

Snippits. Thoughts. This and That. Goings On.

I've been drooling over images of cool succulents on Pinterest. I bought several and created a little container garden. How awesome is this freaky, cool plant? It's called a living stone, I think.

Actually, I bought so many little pots of succulents I created three different containers. That's "baby toes" on the bottom.

Here's the largest pot with an amazing flowering stem!

Our first official "Friday night lights" high school football game in Texas. Claire is in the marching band and they performed a fabulous half time show!

We had an orange juice taste test this weekend. We've been drinking Minute Maid for years, but it's been tasting a bit off lately. Jeff and I tried these three and we actually agreed on the results! (Claire and Benjamin don't like orange juice.)

Interestingly, we liked the Minute Maid. Apparently we've been drinking our favorite all along. The Simple Orange was good too. The Tropicana was too sweet and acidic.

Lots of these pictures are also on my Instagram feed. Sometimes I think some photos should just stay on my blog, some just for Instagram and some just to share on FB... but then it mostly all runs together, right? Do you enjoy reading and looking at stuff at each of those place separately?


Candy said...

simply Orange, Simply Lemondate, Simply limeade. Our favorites! candy

iHanna said...

I just pinned a bunch of cute succelent plantations to do the same that you already did, one day! Super cool plant.