Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blog Renew: 2

I've been stitching today. I'm working on a project that will "kill two birds with one stone." I'll be entering this 12x12 art quilt to the Texas SAQA members show which will travel to various venues. I'm also creating a video about the creative process for this quilt which will be featured on The Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop. My post will run on September 26, which means I've got some time to finish the quilt and edit the video!

Sneak peek. I really do love floss.

Another sneak peek. This is a different piece from the one above. I actually started out making four very similar small art quilts, but I'll only finish one to include in the video.

As I look at these detail shots, if I'm completely honest -- and that's part of what this Blog Renew is supposed to be -- I am a bit tired of my same old motifs, techniques and style. Just a little tired. Not entirely played out, but desiring growth and change. 

These projects had certain requirements and deadlines, so it made sense to create something in my recognizable same old same old style. But I need to find make time to create something with fewer requirements and deadlines. I have some ideas and once I get started I will certainly share them with you. Any advice on maintaining one's personal style while still developing something new?


Anonymous said...

" Any advice on maintaining one's personal style while still developing something new?" Great question! For me, it’s the color palette and technique that give my work cohesion from piece to piece even as the subject matter changes. I think your signature style is recognizable more from the techniques that you use than the motifs. So if you are still finding personal satisfaction working with the techniques that you are currently using I’d say it’s time to explore some different motifs. Employing the same techniques while using a different motif will allow your new pieces to have some continuity with the ones before even if you change up the motifs and the color palettes you work with.

Charlotte Scott said...

yesterday's post made me get off my butt and go try out some printing with my new gelli plate and some string wrapped round a block - lots of fun, thanks!

And that's what I do when I'm trying for something new. I play. I often use a motif that I've used before, but I'll use it on a different medium, or in a different way.

Or I'll draw something new (it will still be in my style of drawing) and incorporate it using tried and tested methods.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

No advice, but I hear you loud and clear. Especially about the (strike out find) insert-MAKE time!

Joanne S said...

Not bored by the elements but comforted? I see them, see you and am happy.

You have certainly grown and changed in your "elements" as they are familiar but not always the same.

You have found new ways to make your rocks, stitches and stamping. Like you and I, the same yet new and different. :-)

Gale Wrigley said...

I can't give advice on how to maintain your style while, at the same time, changing. But I can tell you that I find being able to immediately identify someone's work to be disheartening. When I know without looking at the label that it's another piece by _______ (fill in some familiar names), I almost invariably instantly lose interest in further exploration of the piece. Yes it's fine workmanship, yes it works, yes it got juried in, but no, I'm not interested than you very much. So my 2 cents is this: change! Surprise the viewer. I love it when I say "WOW! I never would have known ________ made this piece!!!" Good luck, and welcome back to blogging.

Diane Perin said...

I suspect that your individual style will come through even while you try new things. I'd suggest that you give yourself some playtime challenges -- say, make a list of your "staple" motifs (houses, trees, stones, etc) and then don't let yourself use them. Try out some new shapes. If you feel like you rely on the same elements or techniques, then challenge yourself to NOT use them and use something else. Or swap out one thing for something new. I'm guessing that if you let yourself just play (versus having to make something for some specific purpose) you'll wander into something that excites you.