Friday, June 28, 2013

Sunsets on Lake Ontario

For the fourth summer in a row, the kids and I drove up to NY to visit my parents for a few days. We left the day after school was out and it was a great way to start the summer. My parents live right on the shore of Lake Ontario.

Each night, I walked out into the back yard to take a photo of the sun set. These four shots are each from a different evening.

Isn't it cool how they are all different? The sun is beginning to move to the left and later in the summer, my parents won't be able to see the sunset at all. But, it was perfect during our visit.

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Mary woolley said...

Hi Deborah
I love your blog it is very interesting ,
i just love your pictures they are truly so beautiful , and as its my sons birthday this month I wondered if you would mind if I painted one of them for him , (I have joined the U3a art class and was looking for a nice one to do in pastels . ) my son lives in Woodstock Ontario . I live in East Yorkshire England . I was born in Wales and moved here after my son joined his Dad there , I just finished a quilt for him ( he was a bit sad that I had made his wife one and not him , ) your children are gorgeous dont
they grow up fast?
If you allow me I will email you a copy
Kind regards mary woolley