Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spiral Flowers

The theme for April on The Sketchbook Challenge blog is spirals. I played with watercolor paints in my sketchbook and created a whole bouquet of spiral flowers.

You can see how I created them over on The Sketchbook Challenge blog. This one is my favorite.

But... it does remind me a bit of some "tie dyed" roses I saw at the grocery store.... which I thought were quite horrible.

I think I'll stick with the watercolor, paper, crafty roses. How about you?


Anonymous said...

I think your flowers are much prettier than those store ones!

Wendy said...

But could you do a video tutorial? I'm visual, and not completely sure how you did it...
Did i mention, i LOVE these flowers?!?!

Del said...

What is the diameter of the circles you cut? Del

HollyM said...

Do you have a list of your Quilting Arts issues? I'm looking for one of your articles.