Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sweet Sketchbook

I am one of the artists on The Sketchbook Challenge. The current theme is "sweet." For my contribution, I decided to explore the design of the stevia plant. That's the plant that is sometimes used as a sugar substitute. Sweet, right?!

I cut a stamp out of sticky-back fun foam and created this pattern. Isn't it fun?
I tried several other designs with this same stamp. You can check them out on The Sketchbook Challenge blog.

While we're thinking about "sweet," you might enjoy reviewing the last 12x12 challenge. The theme was sweet for that too.

I explored the idea of the sugar maple for the 12x12 sweet theme. I guess if there's a way to incorporate some kind of botanical element into a theme, I'll find it!

Sugar Maple, 20x12"

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