Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thread and Floss

With the last few projects I've completed, I've depleted my thread supply a bit. Plus there have been several times recently when I couldn't seem to find the right color. Even though I had all this...

So when I saw that thread was 50% off at Joann's, I knew I needed to restock. I took the picture above on my phone to use as a reference at the store. You can see I have quite a bit of blue, but almost no orange.

I came home with this...

and this.
Mostly unplanned and random, but it's good to have it all at hand. I have a few projects in the very very early stages, so I'm ready! One of them will incorporate a neutral color palette, which is why there are a few spools of creams and browns.

This is how I store my thread. Not very organized... but I do put my bobbins in a separate box. That counts, right?

Speaking of gathering supplies... I asked far a new collection of embroidery floss for Christmas. My lovely husband ordered it for me (from the link I sent him). This floss was created by Jenny Hart who is a very successful, creative and innovative embroidery artist. 

Her floss comes in palettes with wonderfully creative names. You can only purchase by the entire palette rather than by the skein. Even though that's not really how I work, I was still so entranced by the packaging and the concept and the fact that Jenny broke into incredibly narrow world of embroidery floss, I wanted the whole collection!

See the free gift in the picture above? Labels that read "made with blood, sweat and needles." So fun!

This maroon floss is called "fainting couch" and comes from the "parlour" collection.

Each label has a witty remark. Fainting Couch reads, "Bring the smelling salts!"

Now I'm ready for stitching by machine and by hand.


Joanne S said...

Because I am a Virgo--- I feel like I am speaking at an AA meeting--- all my floss is wrapped around those little floss organizers. The perle cotton is mostly in a big bag. The thinner perle cotton is in balls. You might like the perle cottons. Can't take them apart but the balls are thin enough to use in one strand.

I was SUPRISED you didn't buy more GREEN.

Anonymous said...

Where is your YELLOW? A little yellow adds a little light to any project!

Kate said...

Like Joanne said, I was thinking OK, next is going to be the purple and gren shot with those lovely spools nestled together. You disappointed us. Nice to see that you and I are frimly in the Dual Duty camp, despite heavy peer pressure to spend money on fancypants thread.

Vivien Zepf said...

Ooo, I'm going to have to check out her site. The colors look luscious and who can resist those little sayings!