Saturday, August 18, 2012

Noshing in France

Remember I promised a post about all the tasty things we ate on our trip? Here it is! (Actually, this is just France. I'll have another post about food in Belgium.)

I do like to kick off airline travel with a drink from Starbucks. It makes it feel like vacation!

I felt obligated to try escargot while we were in Paris. As you can see, we ordered six. We each ate one. Then the kids liked them so much, they each ate one more! So, I have tried snails... but only one.

At the same restaurant, we decided if we were trying new things, we should order the bone marrow on country toast. Yes, bone marrow.
I watch a lot of Food Network and I've heard chefs rave about bone marrow, so I was willing to embrace the concept. As you can see, it was actually three chunks of bone sitting on a piece of toasted bread. We had to scoop out the marrow and spread it on bits of the toast. Coarse salt is in the little dish on the plate. The marrow was much improved with a sprinkling of the salt. We ate it all. No need to order it again. Best words to describe it: beefy, gelatinous, gross.

Crepes from a street side stand. Spectacular.

Macaroons are so trendy right now. They were everywhere. Too sweet for me.

This is the wonderful salad I had at a little cafe on Ile St Louis.

Benjamin and Claire enjoyed hot chocolate many times throughout our trip.

One night we picked up cheese and bread to bring back to our apartment for dinner. Check out this cheese shop.

I was a bit overwhelmed. I don't know cheese that well -- in English. So, reading the signs and ordering in French was tricky.

I did recognize cheve coated in pistachios.

Here is our meal from that evening. We also picked up a roast chicken. Perfection.

Actually, this is my favorite meal from our time in Paris. It's all about the street food, right? On the right is a croque monsieur -- that a hot ham and cheese sandwich topped with more cheese. On the left, two different kinds of paninis.

We also enjoyed a fondue restaurant. Here is the cheese course. Are you sensing a cheese theme, here?

Each morning, we picked up breakfast from the bakery across the street and brought it back to our apartment. This is pan chocolat and quiche, plus a cappuccino.

This is my favorite sweet treat from the entire trip! It's an ice cream cone shaped like a flower. I chose raspberry, banana and chocolate.

Here is the shop that creates the beautiful petaled cones. You can have as many flavors as you like and the girls behind the counter use a flat paddle scoop to build up the flower shape.

Actually, I'll confess... we went twice in one day! The above shop was an afternoon treat. We found an additional shop of the same chain after dinner. It was our last day in Paris, so we splurged!
This delightful gal prepared our orders. She was so careful and conscientious of the design of each cone. And smiley!

She even gathered tiny bits of speculoos cookies to sprinkle on the top of Claire's cone.
It makes me so happy to look through these pictures again. And hungry!


Kristin L said...

I'm hungry now too! That petal ice cream looks amazing!

Gerrie said...

Yum! Yum! I'm hungry, too.