Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bird Skirt

Nearly every spring/summer I get an urge to sew some clothes. Sometimes I am able to resist and sometimes I actually do make something -- with varying degrees of success. I'm pretty pleased with this skirt I whipped up!
Isn't this fabric super fun? (It's from Joann's.) You're not getting a shot of the back of the skirt because the fabric is upside down on the back...

because I am generally impatient and cheap and I didn't spend much time really looking at the pattern or the sizes. So, I didn't buy enough fabric -- which meant I couldn't line up the pattern pieces on the fabric properly. Rather than go back and buy more fabric, I figured upside down on the back was fine.
But that still didn't leave enough for the waist band, so I had to go buy more anyway. But I didn't buy enough to recut the back side. Seriously, my process was so convoluted and ineffient.

Then it ended up being too short anyway! (Remember I said I didn't look too closely at the pattern -- or even hold it up to see how long it would be. Ahem.) So, I began searching for options for various hem treatments and came across this ruffle tutorial. Perfect and I had enough fabric from the bits I had used for the waist band and finally... I cobbled together something I think is super cute.

I actually made two other skirts. One I did before the bird skirt which was a disaster. And another I did after the bird skirt after learning from all my mistakes. It still needs to be hemmed.


Lucy said...

Are you taking orders? I love it!

June Calender said...

Wonderful fabric, cute skirt.

Happy to read your process. You make skirts the way I often make quilts. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, just as you say about your sewing.

Kristin L said...

LOVE that fabric! I think the skirt is super cute and I would totally wear it even with upside down birds on the back.