Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Quick Trip to Philly

On a total whim, I took a quick trip to Philly last weekend. It was the Studio Art Quilt Associates conference. My good friends Vivien and Natalya were already planning to be there...

and if they were going to be having this much fun, clearly I needed to join them.

Karen Rips was there too -- we didn't even have a chance to talk about what we're working on for the next 12x12 theme.

The Art Quilt Elements opening was a major highlight of the conference.

Cupcakes with AQE flags!
We headed into the city early on Saturday morning for breakfast at Reading Terminal Market.
Natalya and I had cinnamon rolls from an amazing Pennsylvania Dutch bakery. Vivien had a roast beef sandwich -- you can see it in the background.

Saturday was filled with gallery hopping and running into lots of friends. Here we are at Lisa Call's stunning show with Sue Reno and Vivika DeNegre.

And here's Rayna Gilman at the Outside/Inside the Box exhibit at the Crane Arts center. It's been *so long* since I've seen Rayna (just last month in Cleveland!).


We had a great lunch at a tiny Mexican place down the street from the Crane Arts building. Check out this fun presentation of guacamole. It was delicious!

I took a few pictures of art -- things that were interesting and inspiring or memorable. I'm not sure I'll post those for now. I'm still absorbing it and thinking about how I'll bring that inspiration to my own work. But Natalya has posted several detail shots on her blog.


Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

oh twas soooo much fun!

Kristin L said...

I'm so glad you went! I'm so jealous I didn't go too. It looks like you guys saw fantastic things all around and had good fun too. :-)