Friday, January 13, 2012


As I've been working on this art quilt for the next 12x12 challenge: Metamorphosis, I'm finding so many small and large examples of metamorphosis along the way. The quilt is changing. My ideas are changing. I am changing.

Earlier in the week, I puttered around with the design. Here's a detail of my progress.
Here's a wide shot.
I wasn't happy. Much too fiddly. Too realistic -- and yet totally unrealistic. Too many fabrics -- and yet not enough fabrics to really show each stage in the life cycle of the allium. Too crowded.

So I just pinned all those stray pieces in place for now. Maybe I'll return to it later. (Maybe not.)

Back to the drawing board -- or sketch book. I still like the concept of the cycles of life of the allium plant. Maybe something more like this...

But first, I slapped some scraps onto a spare square of felt as a bit of a warm up and refresher. I'm looking forward to adding some hand and machine stitching to this little ditty.
I stamped more fabric. I used the same color scheme and concept, but I started over.
I am liking this new more composition much better. Here's a detail.


Jane said...

Love this peek into your process.

Jeannie said...

Thanks for sharing your thought process. I have an allium seed head sitting in a bowl. I am collecting the seed, but really, I am enjoying looking at the beauty of the once flower. They really are amazing bulbs and I look forward to their bloom every year. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

cindy shake said...

LOVELY process and the final image is just FAB!!