Thursday, December 22, 2011

White House Tour!

We had a beautiful time touring the White House yesterday.

We dressed up!

It was exciting to discover that pictures were allowed. I took lots -- some of these are not great, but I hope you enjoy a peek. (If you watched the holiday special about the White House on HGTV, you saw it all. Honestly, it looks just like it looked on that show. But, it certainly was amazing to actually be there.)

Here is the entry hall. Yes, it was crowded. But, it didn't feel uncomfortable or chaotic. Wreaths and garlands everywhere!

Large paper sculpted poinsettias hung alternately with the wreaths along the windows.

Just past the entry hall was a open area all decorated in paper and felt.

This tree has felt loop chains and whimsical felt ornaments.

Giant felt Bo!

Giant Bo made out of black and white trash bags in the Library. Georgia O'Keefe landscape over the fireplace.

Tiny Bo made out of buttons.

The State Dining Room with Lincoln's beautiful portrait. Beautiful Christmas decorations in red and green, very full, festive and traditional.

The East Room with Washington's portrait -- the one that Dolly Madison insisted be removed before the White House was burned in the War of 1812. Lots of natural garlands, pine cones, magnolia leaves, moss covered boulders with fresh paperwhites peeking through.

The Blue Room with the tree decorated with military medals and ribbons. Jeff and I enjoyed finding some of the medals he has received and also some that his father received.

Back to the State Dining Room... the stunning gingerbread house. (Gingerbread covered in white chocolate, I believe.) The detail was quite impressive.

Cute trees made out of cookies and marzipan.

The theme of all the decoration was "Shine. Give. Share." Lovely.

This was my favorite little vignette -- beautiful crystal (probably plastic, but still...) star and snowflake ornaments trailing down from the evergreen garland. It smelled good too!

Family picture with the Seal of the President of the United States.
Several families had the picture taken here and everyone waited so patiently and graciously offered to take pictures for each other. There was a great feeling of holiday spirit.

Self portrait at the White House. Can you see me in the mirror with my blue cell phone case?
I hope your home is filled with festive details and you're celebrating that happy feeling that comes with spending time with people you love!


Del said...

Thanks for the tour, Deborah. You will all have wonderful, long-lasting memories of your Christmas visit. And so will I! Love, Del

Gerrie said...

What fun! So glad you got to do this. I love all the Bo's cause be looks like Scooter.

Diana said...

Thanks for sharing your photo-journey with us. We still miss you. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Karen said...

How fun Deborah, what great memories for all of you

gema said...

What a fabulous thing to do! Thanks for sharing and a very happy holiday to you and yours.

Amy F said...

what a great trip! love all the cool details!

Candied Fabrics said...

Wow, what a great tour! And how awesome that you got so many good pix of your whole family in the white house!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh what fun, thanks so much for sharing...makes me wish even more that I had done that when living in DC...never got up the Washington MOnument, either!!!! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Rayna said...

How exciting! It's been decades since I was at the White House and it still looks gorgeous. Happy holidays and wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead.

Your cousin Sara said...

I wonder who made all of the artwork of Bo? Suppose it's Americans who are creative and just sent them in? And if there are more pieces that didn't make the cut to be put out!?! I bet they could probably do a display of just Bo art, and how cool would that be. Other than lovely pics of your family, the Bo art was my favorite from this mini tour. Thanks!