Friday, November 11, 2011

Make It University

I am so happy that my name was drawn out of the fishbowl to participate in the Make It University Sketchbook Challenge workshop in Houston last week! Even more happy when Tonya's name was also drawn!

We rotated to four mini-workshops taught by different artists from The Sketchbook Challenge. Judi Hurwitt taught "stacked journaling."
Here's the page I created. What I Learned: I love handwriting as a graphic element. (I knew that already, but I really enjoyed Judi's take on it.)
Jane LaFazio taught sketching from everyday objects.
I sketched my camera. Surprisingly, not too bad. What I Learned: I might like drawing more than I thought I did.
Jamie Fingal walked us through creating little house images on shipping tags with sharpies and watercolors.
Here's Tonya's house and my house. What I Learned: I should play around more with images on paper and adding color.
Leslie Jenison taught us gelatin printing using the Gelli Arts plate and tons of random stuff she has in her collection.
Here are some of my finished cards and bits of fabric. What I Learned: I really should order one of those Gelli Plates. (By the way, tons of great ideas and tutorials on the Gelli Arts blog!)
All the students got a cool tote bag filled with goodies. Honestly, I haven't even unpacked all my treasures from Houston, but I will soon. I came home with inspiration in all its forms!


Kristin L said...

I love what you learned. I'm a little sorry that I did not take the time to try any of the MIU workshops this year. I had a lot of fun last year.

Unknown said...

Oh my, I wish I was more photogenic! LOL Great recap of the class, thanks so much!!

Jeannie said...

Lucky you! That looked like so much fun and I love what you created. I purchased Jane's dvd and it really changed my opinion on my ability to draw and paint. She is a wonderful teacher. So much fun and I am so happy you were able to participate.

Kathy York said...

Fun! Thanks for the pics!

Jamie Fingal said...

Loved your post. It was truly a great time, teaching in a round robin setting. Nothing like having ready, willing and creative students. I loved your little house tag that you made!

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

What a rollicking good time we had! So glad you were able to participate. It was great to see you in Houston and have a bit of time together. It is never enough!

Unknown said...

Such a fantastic workshop, I wish I could have taken it too!

Unknown said...

Oh Deborah, thanks for posting this overview of the workshop. I got so involved in the fun that I didn't do a very good job of recording it.

Nancy Kelley said...

Great post Deborah! Was fun for me to see both our Gelli Arts plate in use and some of our biggest fans using it :) Thanks for the pics - really fun to see.
(Gelli Arts)