Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party

We had a fun little Halloween party last night!

Cookie decoration station all set up. (You'll notice that the sprinkles are actually Christmas-themed. This did not bother the kids in the least.)
Claire and her friend (in an awesome duct tape costume) enjoyed decorating.
Notice the trail of blood (heart shaped red hots).

How cute are those pretzel "ears?"

This was part of dinner for the evening. (mozzarella balls, olives, almonds, apple)
Hot dog mummy!
Chocolate milk ghosts! Which I've been making for years. See this post from 2005.

Cookies decorated by the boys...

I listened to the boys completely falling over themselves in laughter and giggles while they were decorating (and mixing up gross stuff in their drinks).

Everyone seemed to have a fun time!


Jane LaFazio said...

wonderful!! what a memorable evening for all of you. xoxo I still remember when my brother and I made my mom breakfast of green pancakes and blue milk on april fools day... I was probably 8 years old...

Kristin L said...

I totally need to hire you for parties! The hot dog mummy is my favorite!