Sunday, July 31, 2011

NYC Artists Retreat

After our family adventures in NYC, I met up with artist friends Kristin, Robin, Natalya and Vivien at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
We went to see the Alexander McQueen show. You can see lots of images of the astounding show here and follow other links from that page to explore even more.

The Met was super crowded. It felt like quintessential NYC.

There was also a Richard Serra special exhibit of his "drawings." I snapped this picture before the security person scolded me since photos were not allowed in this particular space.
That's Kristin and Natalya's with the back packs. This exhibit generated lots of discussion. Mostly punctuated by lots of question marks and furled brows. Ahem. Robin noted that the security guards in the galleries were more interesting than the art.

A much more exciting gallery here.
Happy happy happy happy happy!
Check out this stupendous floral arrangement at the Met with pops of *orange.*

Then we went fabric shopping at Mood, made famous because Project Runway designers shop here. But, also famous just for it's amazing variety of fabrics.
We also shopped for beads, buttons, ribbon and trims in the garment district and took a snack break where Robin drank something called "yoga bunny detox."

I didn't take too many pictures of the rest of our time spent sharing work, talking about art, making plans, setting goals and getting to know each other. Amazingly, most of us only know each other through years of reading our blogs, but it felt completely natural. There is certainly more to come from this group!

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