Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zip Line Adventure

Puttering around on google looking for interesting things to do in our area, I discovered The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Friends School. It looked amazing and we put in on our calendar for a Memorial Day outing.


It was awesome! Here I am on one of many many many zip lines.
You can also see all the bridges and platforms made of ropes/logs/net/swings/tunnels/pegs/ladders/trapezes/etc etc etc! The design, engineering and creativity of the park are quite impressive.

Jeff and I did the Black Storm course together. It was rated "black diamond." Only one course in the park was more difficult.
It was absolutely exhilarating and required as much arm strength, balance and mental resolve as I could muster.

My best friend, Lucy, and her family joined us. Everyone had a great time.
There are courses for every size and skill level, ten courses in all. Our admission gave us three hours in the trees and we each did about three of the courses. I'd love to go back again!

Here is Claire maneuvering over one of the more difficult elements.
You actually have to reach out with your leg and set your foot on those pegs sticking out of the posts which are swinging from the cables above.
Jeff took this photo of me from a higher platform. I did not take the escape route you see marked above me.After, we all drank lots of water, got an ice cream cone and came home completely exhausted.


Melly Testa said...

That looks awesome! It makes me want to go there!

Lucy said...

I am finally in your blog, in "living color" ha! It was fun!!!