Saturday, March 12, 2011

Well, maybe.

Here's a shot of an in-progress quilt sitting on my work table.
I worked on it for hours and hours and hours over the past couple of months. I previewed some sketches in this post.

I was making it to enter into a new exhibit through SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) titled A Sense of Adventure. I was quite inspired by the SAQA exhibit in Houston this past fall and I felt like I should try to step up and enter. Of course, this means creating work that fits the size and theme requirement AND has some value through an artistic eye.

I ran into some bumps in the process and eventually concluded that it had lots of problems. I realized I would not be able to lift the quilt out of its medocrity before the deadline, so I folded it up and began work on a quilt for another deadline.

So it goes.
Then SAQA extended the deadline. Now I have a second chance to revisit it. I think I can look at it a bit differently now. It was helpful to put it aside for awhile.


Kristin L said...

Sometimes stepping away works wonders. I wish you well revisiting this -- it's nice to have a second chance. Between the tree house and the tropical leaves, this looks like a place my kids would love! You've created their fantasy back yard. :-)

Diane Perin said...

The glimpses you've shown look wonderful. Hope you're able to get this to a place where you like it!

kathy said...

is this your zipline piece? The little glimpses of it are intriguing. I'm loving the fern covered rocks. And of course the trees which I think I already said. How did you do the rocks? Is that fabric?

Joanne S said...

The size requirement is a bummer. You did manage to improve the Flight piece by cutting it up and moving things around. No reason why this piece couldn't also be "chopped" and remade.

I know challenges and shows are important but they do get in the way of doing the work YOU want to do.