Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy Road

I'm working on a big quilt for an invitational juried exhibit. The theme is "the space between."

When the theme was first introduced, we were just moving into our new home. We have a lovely back yard full of animals and trees. Behind the trees and the fence is a busy road. It's a "take the good with the bad" situation. I love the yard, but the noise from the traffic is a bit disturbing.

I actually had a dream about working on this quilt. In my dream, I was focusing on "the space between" our house and busy road. Isn't that a surprising and interesting interpretation?! The subconscious dream state is full of potential, I guess. I couldn't ignore the dream, so I started taking some pictures.

Here's a bit of my inspiration. This is the gate in our side yard.

Here is a detail of my in-progress quilt.
I made tons of sketches.
Page after page. Looking at these pictures, it seems like I just kept drawing the same thing over and over, but I think I really was working out some composition challenges.
I think it's really important that the base composition is balanced. Then I can add all kinds of detail and frippery on top.
I'm at the point where I'm adding lots of hand embroidery. I did tons of stitching while watching the Oscars last night. I'm so thankful I had that as a distraction from the incredibly dull broadcast. Also very thankful for the fast forward button on the dvr.


Jane said...

I love seeing your process. It really helps me in my own.
How do you use the parchment paper? I'm assuming to make patterns for your images, but why don't you use freezer paper instead?
Just wondering,

Gerrie said...

It is going to be fun to see how every one interprets this theme. Mine is the Willamette, the space between east and west Portland.

Terry Grant said...

As I hear more about other people's interpretations of the theme, I am more and more excited about seeing all the pieces. This theme is really rich with possibilities. I love your idea and the bits you are showing. Very Deborah!--in a big way.

Kristin L said...

"Frippery" -- what a fun word! I look forward to seeing your frippery and, of course, the entire package. :-) It looks like it's well on it's way to being a beautiful piece of artwork.

Jane LaFazio said...

guess I should get started.....
love seeing your process! looks like it's going to be gorgeous.