Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Book!

I am absolutely giddy with excitement!
My contributor copies arrived last week. I gasped and screamed at the UPS man when I saw the label on the side of the box.
Sterling Publishing includes Lark Books. I snapped this photo with the Photobooth app on my computer and posted it on Facebook. I was the first of the twelve to receive the books. (The warehouse is in NJ and I'm here in MD, so I'm closest.)

I really did tear up a bit when I first got my hands on the book. It's been such an amazing project in many many ways.
Each of the twelves wrote a chapter about one of the challenges from our theme series. Each chapter includes a big, beautiful picture of the author's quilt from that theme. I'm the author of the chapter about the "twelve" theme.
We didn't necessarily write about the themes that we originally chose. (You might remember that I picked the "chairs" theme.) So, this really mixes it up and offers insight into new aspects of the experience.

Hey look, there I am!
The other 11 quilts from each theme are pictured throughout each chapter along with an artist's statement. You see Gerrie and Helen's quilts from the "twelve" theme on the bottom of this spread.

I've created a little mini-book or zine inspired by my experience with the 12x12 project.
It was fun to put together some thought and fold, stamp, color and stitch up some tiny books. The book is for sale in my Etsy shop and I'll include one of these little books with every order. Just a tiny little thank you gift for directly supporting the artist.

I hope you've been reading the Lark blog and enjoying their Twelve Days of Twelves. Even after creating art with these artists for more than four years and writing a book together, I'm still learning new things about them in these posts. Fun!


Diane Doran said...

Yeah you! I'm very excited for all of you.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

How exciting and wonderful for you and all the other members of 12X12!

Kristin L said...

Yipeee! You look so happy! I'd love to get a peek at your mini zine. :-)

gousley said...

How fun, Deborah! Congratulations!!

kathy said...

Congratulations! I can imagine how thrilled you are and wish we Frayeds were there to celebrate with you