Saturday, January 22, 2011

Etsy Shop Updates

I recently listed some small art quilts in my Etsy shop. Here is Blooming Prosperity.
I love the thread tails hanging and the repeated bud shape in the quilting.
Of course... my little Y stitch flowers with beads.
And handwriting details...
This is Branches and Blossoms. It fits the mood of the season here in Maryland where it's only 19 degrees this morning, but we are eager for spring.

French knots trailing over sheer hand dyed fabric.There are lots of circles in this small quilt.
Lastly, Blue Meditation on Edges. These two quilts were made while I was working in the blue/white/black color palette for 12x12.
Pieces hang off the top and bottom of this piece, giving it a bit of an unusual shape.
More details in the shop.

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Susie Monday said...

Love the hand, of course I would!