Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That's Me

I was thrilled to participate in lots of wonderful activities at the International Quilt show. Two of my quilts were there too!

Here is a long shot of the Beneath the Surface special exhibit. It was quite exciting to look across the long exhibit hall and see my piece, Spontaneity and Stability, in the distance. (It's the blue, purple and green piece.)
Here is Framing Flourish in the Tactile Architecture exhibit. (You can see some of the exhibit here.)
I was also thrilled to participate in "open studios." Look! There's my name on Saturday at noon. What an honor to see my name alongside so many other artists who I know and LOVE!
And here I am talking about fabric, stitching and art. So fun!
More talk talk talking. And gesturing.
(This picture was taken by Ricë Freeman Zachary's husband, Earl. It was superfantastic to see them.)

I also taught a mini-workshop in the Make It University zone. There is really great energy and enthusiasm at MIU and I was honored to be a part of it.
For the "painted paint chip mini-journal," I started by setting up the kits at each table.
I had 25 great students who went right to work cutting, painting, stenciling, doodling and soaking up all the good creative energy. Here's Jane LaFazio and Paula Elliot.
Here's a student with excellent taste. She choose green and purple paint. Genius.
I'm still processing all my thoughts and experiences in Houston. I'm in the re-entry phase. It's a bit rough -- but in a good way.


Gerrie said...

You were very busy! It was fun to follow you around the show. (via your photos)

Kristin L said...

How could the purple and green NOT be genius!?

I had fun following you around the show too (and not just via photos).

Jeannie said...

What fun! I also enjoyed your picture tour of the show. Thanks so much for sharing.

melly said...

Love your words on color choices!

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

wish I was there!

Jane LaFazio said...

I was there! way fun. thanks deborah, you are an excellent teacher!