Monday, October 18, 2010


We're dog sitting this week!
That's Lincoln in the back. Paddy is the other yellow lab. You can hardly tell them apart unless you're looking right in their sweet faces. Well, they aren't looking so sweet in this picture. But, they are certainly having fun!

This is Marzen. Shes's about 12 weeks old. Lincoln was willing to share his big bone.
We are enjoying a puppy love fest.


Gerrie said...

Oh my, doggy goodness!!

Anonymous said...

Precious! I can't stop smiling :-)
love, mom

Bee said...

Looks like a house full of FUN! Dogs are great...especially Labs. (Don't tell my cat I said that!)

Lucy said...

Oh Deborah! Thanks for sharing this. We miss our doggies but are so glad that they are in your capable hands (and paws, thanks, Lincoln!)