Tuesday, October 19, 2010

List Tuesday

I've been reading Artsyville lately. It's delightful! Not only is Aimee a beautiful artist who uses letters and text as her main themes (love that!), she also lives in Lawrence, Kansas. I went to the University of Kansas in Lawrence and have many wonderful memories of my time there.

Anyway, Aimee is kicking off "List Tuesday" today. She is posting a list on her blog and encouraging others to do the same.

Nothing special here. Just my to do list from yesterday. It's carrying over to today, of course.
One of the "to do" items is to go to the commissary. So, here's the grocery list from the previous page.
I recently started keeping my lists in this cool spiral. I'm sure I got it in the dollar bins at Michaels or Joanns. It's so much better than all the random papers that were cluttered in my purse -- you know, post-it notes, backs of envelopes, folded up paperwork from school, etc.

Plus, it's green with dots. You can't go wrong.


Melonie said...

Love that spiral!

Yes, my little daily to-do lists are all a'clutter over my desk space - I use the little pages from my page-a-day calendar (I scribble on the blank backs) and they fly all over the place taunting me!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've gotten a boat load done! : )
and BTW, when's dinner?

aimee said...

one to satisfy my inner voyeur - a TO DO list! "clean desk" remains uncrossed on mine, too ;) thanks for participating - this is great!

SuperJenn said...

Ooooh.....love the spiral. I'm a binder kinda girl...but never exactly got the lists nailed down...I write on scraps of paper I saved from cutting printable coupons...quite messy... now I will peruse for a spiral :)

PS...Lawrence here, too!

S.E.Minegar said...

your shopping list is making me hungry. i might have to give the spiral notebook a try. i have post-it fall out everywhere!

Karyna @ PaperSquid said...

Hey, our shopping lists is pretty similar. :)

But yes, I completely understand having all those jumbled to do lists, (and then I'll have a list but 5 post-it notes with the "most important items" lol). Like you, spiral or notepad all the way.