Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Best Laid Plans

Last week my pregnant sister asked me to make a small focal point quilt that she could use during labor and delivery. She remembered that I made a similar quilt years ago for another friend who was hoping for a natural child birth.

I was thrilled to make a little something and send good vibes for my nephew's arrival. It's just a little decorative hanging, really... but, the circle is 10 cm wide -- the diameter necessary to deliver a baby.
Joanna was hoping to do some mediation, deep breathing and other calm practices during her labor. This little quilt could be a focal point. I made one side in calm tones and one side in high contrast.

Apparently, it arrived in the mail on Saturday. On Sunday, Joanna wasn't feeling great, so she and her husband went to the hospital for a quick check. The staff quickly discovered that her blood pressure was high and Baby's blood pressure was dangerously low. Less than an hour later Kristofer James was born by emergency c-section.

Every one seems to be doing pretty well. Kristofer is in the NICU where he is getting lots of attention and needed care. He's super cute and has wavy dark hair. He's tiny -- just 3 lbs 13 oz. Matt and Joanna are very joyful (and a bit overwhelmed, understandably).

So, the little quilt can just be a decoration in the nursery and reminder that parenthood is full of surprises and worries and JOYS!


Diane N said...

I think your little quilt is wonderful. I like both sides.

Congratulations and best wishes to the parents and to Kristofer James. May God bless and keep him and I hope everything goes very well so he can go home with his mom and dad soon.

Fran├žoise said...

Welcome to the little baby. Congratulations to his parents. And best wishes.

kathy said...

yikes! So happy things turned out with a happy, though very tiny, ending. Tell Joanna that little circle will come in handy for calming those frustrating moments!

Connie Akers said...

Wonderful plan and congratulations on the new nephew & parents. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

I just was admiring my focal point today (I'm "the friend"). I keep it hanging on one of my clothes hangers and each time I look into my closet I see it and remember all the wonderful people who helped me with my great birth prep. I love how the back of Joanna's and mine look so much the same.
Give her my love and congratulations and the knowing support of a been-there-done-that not-the-birth-I'd-planned thing.

Unknown said...

Congrats to your Sister and her family. What a precious little bundle of joy. The focal quilt is adorable.

DAFA is having its show starting Friday. We will miss having you there but are all looking forward to March.

Miss you,