Friday, September 24, 2010


So, I played around with the striped border for a bit. You can see I was trying to salvage the wings and measuring and thinking about proportion and size.
Here the striped is actually pieced and separated into a thick border for the bottom and a thin accent for the top.

And then I got an email from my friend Joanne who is an excellent critic. She was gentle and firm and encouraging. Then I sliced off Australia. Sorry, mates.

Then I started pulling new fabrics including sections from an old flight suit (the dark green). I crawled around on the floor, trying various configurations and came up with this.
Aren't these pictures with the feet ridiculous? You get the idea. I was liking this new design very much. It's similar to many other pieces I've done. I usually call it a shrine or altar composition. Check out my dandelion, water and blue/white/black 12x12 works.

I had to address some construction issues since the blue section with the map is already quilted to batting and the rest is not. I pieced batting together using both felt and warm and natural. (This could be risky.) Then I just began placing the fabric on top of the batting, pinning and sewing. I love to construct in this method because I like the true sense of layering that is provides and I like the raw edges.
Maybe I should have fused these new sections.

Then I re-fused my giant map stencil. I was hoping to add a bit of definition by using a slightly lighter green and I put Australia back in her place (and South America and all the other areas that were victims of the rotary cutter).
Now they are painted over the layered section at the bottom.

So, here's where it is at the moment.
The plane is not yet attached and we've got an issue with engine #3.

Are you surprised? Of course, I didn't do all this to surprise you. I did it because I had to.


Gerrie said...

It is beginning to look more Deborah. That layout with the red above and below in different amounts is more reminiscent of your compositions.

I was hoping that you were going to make the edges of the map darker. But maybe it would give it too much emphasis.

I am so glad that you are willing to share all these decisions with us.

Karen M said...

Deborah, it has been fascinating to watch the evolution of this piece. Your finished work that you show is so well put together, sometimes its easy to forget all the hard work and tough decisions that have happened to get to that result. Thanks for sharing.

Jeannie said...

Thank you so much for sharing your process on this piece of art. I have learned so much. I really like where you ended up. The addition of the other pieces really added some interest. Thanks!

Terry Grant said...

Oh yeah. Now it is cooking! I love the way the wings work in this composition.

JB said...

Have you thought about sort of a sky or cloud feeling at the top? The insignia doesn't quite work for me somehow. (Sorry) It is so prominent. The plane looks so real and I like the way the map is painted on several different fabrics. It makes a good transition and something similar in the sky might tie the whole together effectively.

connieakers said...

Once again you amaze me. You have taken something that was good and by pushing forward you have made it really YOURS. I've certainly enjoyed seeing you thought processes develop. Marked my calendar for March. Sorry I'll miss you in Houston; it's looking like I won't make it at all.

Kristin L said...

It's looking more integrated now that things are overlapping more and touching each others' space. Is it time to fine tune it with stitching? Thank you for showing teh world how much things can change in the process of their creation. It's looking really good, and true to your style.

Linda Strowbridge said...

Wow, Deborah! I love the way this piece evolved. The new background is wonderfully graphic and interesting. And I love how the map flows over its edges and onto the other background pieces.