Friday, September 17, 2010

And then...

I finished the free motion quilting. I'm very pleased with this stamped and quilted foundation. I pressed it from both sides and was relieved when it seemed to be laying quite flat. Then I measured out the 40x40 required size.
Then I began laying out the freezer paper stencil map. You can see I have the original print out sitting above for reference. Lincoln was helping.
At this point, I felt like South America and Africa were much too close. They were squeezed together to allow full space for Alaska and New Zealand within the 40 inch limit. So I did some trimming and rearranging and ended up with this.
You can see I trimmed the border between Canada and Alaska and overlapped the stencil a bit. I did the same thing with New Zealand, scooting it closer to Australia. I also realized I forgot Madagascar, so I cut out a piece to trace, cut and replace.

None of this rearranging and squeezing would have been necessary if not for the specific size requirements.

Then I filled in some of the open spaces with more freezer paper, lest a stray painted sponge slip over into the uncovered areas. And I started painting.
I love these flat sponge daubers, sometimes called "spouncers." A combination of sponge and pounce, I guess.

I peeled back the stencil to check the contrast of the green on the navy blue. I'm not sure. It's a fine line between too much contrast so it detracts from the rest of the quilt and not enough contrast so you can't tell what it is.
Next Steps:
  • Cut out windows, propellers and other plane details. (Confession: Actually, I've already done this, but I didn't want to write a super long post. I'll post that tomorrow.)
  • Begin thinking about additional compositional elements.


Anonymous said...

Love it! I can see Lake Ontario and happy to know Lincoln is such a great help! love, mom

Jane said...

It is very fun to watch your process evolve!

Gerrie said...

I can't really tell how the paint looks because on my computer, the background looks purple and the paint looks yellowgreen. The picture above is truer, I think. Anyway, I think you are doing a great job. It is so daunting to paint right on a quilted and prepared background.

Kristin L said...

I'm with Gerrie, but I know you'll make it work. The addition of the plane will probably be the best test as to whether or not teh map needs more work. I'm betting that if it needs adjustment, you can do it with a deft hand and a little more paint (though you may have to get back out on your bike to get just the right blue ;-)). Or maybe some hand stitching somewhere.