Saturday, July 03, 2010

SAQA Auction

As I was contemplating what to donate for the Studio Art Quilt Associates Square Foot auction, I knew I wanted to send something that felt like a full expression of my current style. (It's always changing, right?) After finishing Spontaneity and Stability, I decided to return to some of those same motifs.

Here is Possibilities.
SAQA is an excellent organization. It has been a wonderful resource for me and I am thrilled to support it with this donation.

The auction has a very unique format. Quilts in my section will be up for auction beginning on October 4 for $750. By October 9, the price goes down to $75. For the full run down of ddates and prices, check this out.

There are two other sections of quilts. Their auction periods begin Sept 20 and Sept 27. Last year's auction raised $47,325. It's an excellent opportunity to own a piece of original fiber art from and established professional or an emerging artists. Plus, support an organization that supports the arts!

It's an amazing collection. Quite inspiring. I'll be compiling my wish list.


Gerrie said...

I might need this as a companion to your other piece, which I adore.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

You're so good Deborah... I keep telling myself I need to contribute to the auction, and I never quite get there. A wonderful piece!

Hope the getting-ready-to-move isn't too horrid..... at least it will be over soon enough! Hugs, Sarah

Melly Testa said...

I love that I have been reading you for so long and watching your progression. This piece is great.

Penny Auction Online said...

Hi Deborah, it is very nice to see such beautiful creations. I think that you have done a fabulous job with fiber also included fabulous colors in it. Keep the good work continue.